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LandHousing Co.,Ltd.案内図
  • 4-1-4 Eifuku, Suginami-ku,
  • TOKYO 168-0064 Japan
  • 1min walk from "Eifukucho station"
    of Keio inokashira Line
  • TEL:03-3324-2271
  • FAX:03-3324-1951
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FAQ for renting a house

What’s included in the initial fees for contract?

Initial fee are paid when you sign the contract.
Those below are included,
Key Money
Agent Fee
First month's Rent
Fire Insurance

Another initial cost (it depends on the property if it is needed)
Fee for Guarantor Company
Fee for exchanging a room key
First month’s maintenance fee

You have to be careful that fees can greatly differ depending on the set conditions for the property.

When you need to pay the rent, and How?

Rent and maintenance fee should be paid in advanced,
so the property owner can confirm the payment in the end of month.
Generally, rent can be paid by bank transfer, at convenience stores, or through account
transfer where the rent is automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month.
In most cases, payment by credit card is not allowed.

Is it possible to rent an apartment without guarantor?

If you do not have a guarantor, you can use Guarantor Company.
When you use the guarantor company, you have to have an emergency contact instead of Guarantor Company.
It will cost 50-100% of monthly rent and maintenance fee to use Guarantor Company.
You need to pay this fee when you sign the contract.

Is there any cancellation fee if I end my contract within two years?

No, there is not. Usually, a regular rental apartment’s contract is two years.
It does not mean that you cannot cancel the contract.
When you cancel the contract, you have to give the notice to the landlord, and it is usually one month notice.
You need to make sure about cancellation fee before the contract since it is depending on the property.