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  • 賃貸契約までの流れ


LandHousing Co.,Ltd.案内図
  • 4-1-4 Eifuku, Suginami-ku,
  • TOKYO 168-0064 Japan
  • 1min walk from "Eifukucho station"
    of Keio inokashira Line
  • TEL:03-3324-2271
  • FAX:03-3324-1951
  • 地域貢献
  • Volunteer Activity in Thailand

Landhousing's Partner

  • フィットネスホーム
  • 有名コスメブランド専門の化粧品通販「コスメマート」

For your new life in Tokyo

  • 借りたい君

--- Eifuku-cho [永福町] ---
The literal translation of Eifuku-cho is the town of infinite luck.
Look forward to living here because good fortune will make its way to your side.

▲Keio Inokashira Line「Eikufucho」station square

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▲Google Street View of 「Eikufucho」station!

~Easy Access to Metropolitan Tokyo~

Want to avoid riding on a crowded train in Tokyo? Living in Eifuku-cho is the solution! From Eifuku-cho, it takes only 10 minutes to Shibuya, 15 minutes to Shinjuku, and 9 minutes to Kichijoji. There is also a bus that goes to the Shinjuku and Asagaya areas. A short train ride will surely save your time, money and energy.

~Good Living Environments~

Eifuku-cho is a very peaceful, comfortable, and international town that is surrounded by a lot of greenery. There are also many temples that represent the long and rich history of Eifuku-cho. Currently, there are more than 520,000 Japanese and 11,000 foreigners living in Suginami city together. Suginami is famous for its helpful Kosodate-sien(parenting support). Suginami City’s supportive services will surely make your life in Tokyo a lot easier.

~Affordable Rent ~

It is said that the living expenses in Tokyo are relatively expensive compared to those of other countries. However, Suginami is one of the easiest and most comfortable places to live among Tokyo’s 23 wards. Consulting with our Leasing Team is always a good place to start. We are more than happy to assist you to find your dream home.